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Ellen Olivier & Society News LA, an online magazine


Ellen Olivier, author of Society New LA, has chronicled social happenings in Los Angeles and Orange County for many years. Her stories currently appear in the All the Rage section of the online edition of the Los Angeles Times and in print in the Los Angeles Times Sunday Image section.

The Los Angeles Times online regularly refers readers by hyperlink to this website - Society News LA – just as the newspaper refers readers to stories from New York Magazine, the London Telegraph, People, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Wear Daily and other prestigious publications.  

Society News LA features news of important events in and around Los Angeles, where LA’s philanthropists, business and community leaders, artists, celebrities and other VIPs gather. Readers will also find highlights from previous seasons and a look at important events ahead. Plus there will be peeks behind the scenes and some fashion and arts coverage, too.

Ellen has been writing about society, fashion and lifestyle for various publications on and off for more than twenty years. In addition to writing for the LA Times, she spent four years as society editor at the OC Register and for several years, wrote fashion features about the Paris haute couture shows for California’s Coast Magazine.  Previously, she produced and appeared in TV news spots for OCN, The Orange County News Channel, and besides all that, for several years she owned an award-winning public relations firm with clients including Chanel, Bulgari, Banana Republic, Frederick’s of Hollywood and many others.

Ellen serves on the board of directors of the Women In Film Foundation, and in recent years, has served on boards of The Blue Ribbon of The Music Center, the Los Angeles World Affairs CouncilCostume Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and other arts and community groups.

You can expect lots of news from LA’s social front on this website. So, to stay up to date, just keep checking the site or follow Ellen at


Our Mission

At Society News LA, our primary objective is to recognize the people in Los Angeles who help make our world a better place – the people who contribute to the arts, education, medical advances and other worthy causes – the people who give Los Angeles its vitality and its heart.

In doing so, we spotlight the most important social happenings, our most generous philanthropists, our business and community leaders; the artists who make us stop and think; the celebrities who lend their talents for good causes; and more.  

We care a great deal for Southern California, but we have other interests as well. So on occasion, we stray to other parts of the globe, as regular readers can see. 

We welcome your comments and feedback; so let us know what you think.