Charity Minded GLEE Cast

The Charity Minded GLEE cast: Jayma Mays, Matthew Morrison and “Good Egg” Darren Criss


Matthew Morrison, a.k.a. Will Schuester of “Glee,” and Jayma Mays, a.k.a. Emma Pillsbury of the same TV show, joined a star-studded guest list at the Dec. 8 UNICEF Ball, coincidentally just a few days after a private hour-long concert at a Bel Air home with Darren Criss, the show’s Blaine Anderson.

So I thought it would be a good time to say a few words about the charity minded Glee cast members. Judging from my experiences, they  are surely a benevolent bunch, who think highly of each other, too. 

“He’s a good egg,” Jayma Mays said of Darren Criss, adding, “I’ll say it again. He’s a good egg.”

In a conversation we had at the UNICEF Ball, Mays spoke of Criss’ charitable work and his understanding that he could make a difference. “He has a good heart,” she said. “He’s involved in so many things and as soon as he came to ‘Glee,’ he knew immediately, ‘I’m on this show and I can do good because I’m on this show.’  I think that’s wonderful and I’m so glad he’s part of our show.”

On mentioning the recent Criss concert to TV’s Mr. Schue, he deadpanned, “Kid’s got no talent,” and quickly smiled as we all know the truth is just the opposite. 

Caring people themselves, Mays and her husband Adam Campbell said they came to the UNICEF Ball out of admiration for the organization, which helps saves young lives. Morrison said he also came to support mega-producer Mike Medavoy, Irena Medavoy and their son Nick, who received the Danny Kaye Humanitarian Award. He and some of the ball’s other guests – including Dennis Quaid, Brooklyn Decker and Megan Mullally – all star in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” in which Medavoy is a producer.

People can read about Mays, Campbell, Morrison and all the other celebrities and honorees at the UNICEF Ball here on this website

Readers can find out about the Darren Criss Dec. 4 concert here.

Following the concert, Criss made a beeline to a fundraiser that same night for the Trevor Project, where he performed as well. (His support for the Trevor Project is so well-known that back in October, he was honored for his participation at Variety’s “Power of Youth,” which readers can find out about here.)

As far as I can see, “Glee” projects positive vibes. Previously, I’d met Morrison at a Chrysalis Butterfly Ball, which raises funds to help the homeless get jobs, and a U.C.L.A. Jonsson Cancer Center fundraiser. He contributed his talents to both affairs and serenaded supporters with “Over the Rainbow” and other tunes.  Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones) and Mark Salling (Noah “Puck” Puckerman) also joined in at the Chrysalis affair.

The other Glee cast members aren’t slackers either. Five of them performed at the Fulfillment Fund’s annual Stars Gala last year, when John Stamos – Season 2’s singing dentist, Dr. Carl Howell – acted as host. The five were Amber Riley, Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang), Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang) and Heather Morris (Brittany Pierce.)

Said McHale that night, “It’s cool to do these events.”

And the events mentioned here are only the ones I personally attended.

Back in September, I also ran across Iqbal Theba, Glee’s Principal Figgins, at the Opening Night of Cirque du Soleil’s IRIS. He was as gracious as the rest, not to mention social media savvy. Following the premiere’s after-party, he kindly sent me a “pleasure meeting you” tweet.

My compliments, Glee casting directors.


Photos from top of the charity minded GLEE cast members: Darren Criss at a private concert for friends, family and supporters of Festival of New American Musicals; Matthew Morrison at the UNICEF Ball; Adam Campbell and Jayma Mays at the UNICEF Ball. 



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Charity Minded GLEE Cast

Published Dec. 13, 2011 – Ellen Olivier, Society News LA