FIDM Art of Motion Picture Costume Design

FIDM Features Oscar Contenders “Hugo,” “W.E.,” “The Artist,” “Jane Eyre” and “Anonymous” at Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Show


At the Feb. 11 opening for the 20th annual “Art of Motion Picture Costume Design” exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, Kevin Jones said people ask him each year who’s going to win the Academy Award for Costume Design. Considering Jones is curator of the FIDM Museum and Galleries, the question is not surprising. But Jones says he doesn’t have the answer.

“I’ve been right some of the time and I’ve been wrong a lot of the time,” Jones said, as we walked past more than 100 costumes from 20 different films, including all five of this year’s Oscar contenders, which are “The Artist,” “Hugo,” “Jane Eyre,” “Anonymous” and “W.E.” Jones praised the accomplishments of the designers, calling their task “astounding,” given today’s tight budgets, short deadlines and the possibility of having to dress hundreds of extras.

“I welcome the challenge,” said Arianne Phillips, previously nominated for “Walk the Line” and this year nominated for “W.E.,” a Madonna-directed film about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. “That’s what makes the work enthralling.”

Phillips said has worked with Madonna for 14 years, and with another world tour coming up, she said she is now taking a rest before preparing to design the tour costumes in March. Fortunately for party-goers at the exhibition’s opening, she took the time to talk about her elegant costumes for the royals.

Glancing at the rich-looking suits and gowns on her film’s costume display, Phillips said, “It was an amazing rarefied world: the British monarchy, English society and Paris haute couture.” She said she recreated some designs, pointing to an Elsa Schiaparelli sheath, and designed the rest herself.  “There is nothing vintage here,” she said.

An estimated 1,500 people, including costume designers, FIDM supporters, alumni and other VIPs, came to enjoy the show and dinner buffet. The costumes will remain on display until Apr. 28. Click here for hours and additional information.

Photos, from top: Academy Award nominee Arianne Phillips in front of her costumes for the Madonna-directed film, “W.E.” at the FIDM Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition; Curator Kevin Jones beside the costumes for “The Artist.”



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FIDM Art of Motion Picture Costume Design

Published Feb. 14, 2012 – Ellen Olivier, Society News LA