Interstellar Live

Interstellar Comes Alive at Royal Albert Hall



From onstage at the stately Royal Albert Hall in London, the legendary Stephen Hawking introduced a distinguished panel of filmmakers before a Mar. 30 screening of “Interstellar Live.”

Consisting of Oscar-nominated director Christopher Nolan; executive producer and theoretical physicist Kip Thorne; and Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe-winning composer Hans Zimmer, the panel gave the sell-out audience insight into the blockbuster film, “Interstellar.” Physics professor Brian Cox acted as moderator.

As the film involves time travel, the theory of relatively and black holes in a quest to transport people from a doomed planet Earth through a wormhole to a habitable new world, Thorne brought along slides to explain the science behind the film. (The science is also explained in detail in the book, “The Science of Interstellar,” by Thorne, known for his work in gravitational physics and astrophysics.)

Michael Caine then presented the film, screened to a full 60-piece live orchestra, complete with Royal Albert Hall’s grand organ.

A regular in Nolan films since he first played the butler in “Batman Begins,” Caine stars in “Intertellar,” along with Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain.

While I enjoyed “Interstellar” the first time around at an IMAX theater last autumn, the experience of seeing the film after listening to the panel – and while listening to a live, full orchestra – was nothing short of extraordinary.

Reportedly, all 4,000 + tickets sold out within 3 days of the program’s announcement. So should “Interstellar Live” be staged again in London or any other city, “Interstellar” admirers and all other space travel enthusiasts would be well-advised to secure ticketa immediately.


Top photo:“Interstellar Live” at Royal Albert Hall in London, complete with a Q&A with filmmakers and a screening, accompanied by a live, 60-piece orchestra.

Second photo:From left, theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, director Christopher Nolan, composer Hans Zimmer and physics professor Brian Cox discuss the film “Interstellar” before a screening of “Interstellar Live” at Royal Albert Hall.

Third photo:Kip Thorne used a slide presentation to illustrate the mechanics of time travel at “Interstellar Live”



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Interstellar Live

Published Apr. 6, 2015 – Ellen Olivier,