Magic Castle 50th Anniversary Book

Tippi Hedren, Kate Linder and Erin Murphy, aka “Tabitha,” Celebrate 50th Anniversary Book by Magic Castle Co-Founder Milt Larsen


Aficionados of illusion gathered at Hollywood’s world-famous Magic Castle Dec. 13 to fete Milt Larsen, the establishment’s co-founder, on the release of his book, “My Magical Journey: The First 30,000 Days.”

Among others turning up were Tippi Hedren of “The Birds,” Erin Murphy, a.k.a. baby Tabitha Stevens on “Bewitched,” Geri Jewell, Alison Arngrim, Kate Linder, Tracey Weisert, Ruta Lee, Barbara Van Orden and Jeraldine Saunders.

The book’s publication coincides with the Magic Castle’s soon-to-be-celebrated 50th anniversary. Also coming up: a movie about the Castle from Radar Pictures and 20th century Fox to be directed by the noted filmmaker McG, whose credits include “Charlie’s Angel” and “Terminator Salvation.”

Begun in 1908 and completed in 1909, the building became the Magic Castle in 1963. With its Close-Up Gallery, Parlor of Prestidigitation, Palace of Mystery and Houdini’s Séance Room, the Castle has been featured in “Houdini,” “Witches of Eastwick,” Bedknobs & Broomsticks,” and other films.

Both amateur and professional magicians visit often, a few of the magic greats including Penn & Teller, Seigfried & Roy, Doug Henning, Lance Burton and David Cooperfield.

More visiting magic enthusiasts have been Cary Grant, Johnny Carson, Jason Alexander, Dom Deluise, Tony Curtis, Hugh O’Brien, and Neil Patrick Harris, president of the AMA.

Among club members (although not present at this event) are Johnny Depp, Jane Fonda, Florence Henderson, Carol Channing, Rose Marie, Romi Dames, Tippi Hedren, Rip Taylor, JoAnne Worley, Doris Roberts, Shirley MacLaine, Lily Tomlin, Stephen Hawking, and others.


Top photo: From left, Erika Larsen, Magic Castle co-founder Milt Larsen and Tippi Hedren at the launch of Larsen’s Magic Castle 50th Anniversary Book

Second photo: Kate Linder of “The Young and The Restless” emerges from a hidden passage behind a bookcase at the launch of the Magic Castle 50th Anniversary Book

Third photo: Milt Larsen shows Erin Murphy, a.k.a. Tabitha of Bewitched,” her place in his book, “My Magical Journey: The First 30,000 Days”

Fourth photo: From left, Tracy Weisert, Geri Jewell, Jeraldine Saunders, Alison Arngrim, Kate Linder, Milt Larsen, Erin Murphy, Tippi Hedren, Barbara Van Orden and Ruta Lee at the launch of Larsen’s book about the Magic Castle’s 50th anniversary

All photos by Bill Dow, courtesy of the Magic Castle 



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Magic Castle 50th Anniversary Book

Published Dec. 18, 2012 – Society News LA