PETA 35th Anniversary Party

What do Paul McCartney, Jillian Michaels and Joaquin Phoenix Have in Common? A PETA Party




The event: Paul McCartney paused in the midst of his full-length, more than hourlong concert Sept. 30 at PETA’s 35th Anniversary Party to consider the organization’s name.

When I first heard the name, that’s what appealed to me,” McCartney said. “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I thought that was a very dignified, very cool title.”

Joined by Beck for two numbers, McCartney rocked the Hollywood Palladium with new songs and old favorites, starting with an anniversary salute — “You Say It’s Your Birthday” — and concluding with “The End” from “Abbey Road.” In between, he shared stories …

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As an aside, Mary Matalin got a laugh when she skipped the prepared notes. “Sadly, however you look at this, I’m at the stage of life when I can live without sex, but not my glasses,” she said, before indicating the telprompter. “So if you want to know what I’m supposed to say, it is up there.”

During his turn at the podium, Moby asked, “Is everybody having a nice time,” before praising event organizers for the vegan buffet. “Do you remember when we’d go to animal rights events and they would serve meat? It’s kind of like going to an anti- cancer event and having them give out packets of cigarettes.”

PETA's 35th Anniversary Party - Show
As for me, I love vegetarian meals, but please folks — skip the fake chicken, fake beef and fake everything else and serve good-tasting, well-prepared vegetable dishes.   


Top photo: Paul McCartney performing a sound check before his concert at the PETA 35th Anniversary Party (Photo by MJ Kim, courtesy of PETA)

Second photo: Co-hosts Anjelica Huston, left, and Pamela Anderson onstage  the PETA 35th Anniversary Party (Photo by Kevin Winter/ Getty Images for PETA)

Third photo: Actor Joaquin Phoenix, left, and recording artist Moby at the PETA 35th Anniversary Party (Photo by Todd Williamson/ Getty Images for PETA)



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PETA 35th Anniversary Party

Published Oct. 16, 2015 – Ellen Olivier, Society News LA