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Young Literati Toast

Chelsea Handler takes aim at Donald Trump at Young Literati Toast     Leave it to Chelsea Handler to select Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” as her reading selection during Young Literati’s Toast event Saturday. “You can’t con people — at least not for long,”...

MOCA Gala 2013

A “Yesssss!” to Marijuana and a Post-Postmodern Mix of Stars, Artists, More VIPs, Music and Party Themes at the MOCA Gala 2013   Rather than choose a single concept for MOCA’s Gala “Yesssss!” artist Rob Pruitt opted for what he called a “Po-Po-Mo” route to celebrate...

Hilarity for Charity

Bruno Mars, Jack Black, Aziz Ansari and More Stars Join Seth Rogen at HILARITY FOR CHARITY    Bruno Mars dedicated his final number at HILARITY FOR CHARITY to Seth Rogen, prime organizer of the Jan. 13 blockbuster comedy and entertainment fest to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association....