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Elle Women in Hollyw...

  Anna Kendrick, Amy Adams, Helen Mirren, Lupita Nyong’o, Kristen Stewart, Kathy Bates, Felicity Jones, Aja Naomi King honored at Elle Women in Hollywood Awards     Standing onstage before a gathering of the entertainment elite at the Oct. 24 Elle Women in Hollywood Awards,...

Doug Aitken Show at ...

Mike Myers, Matthew Barney Among Actors, Artists at Opening Celebration for Doug Aitken Show   The event: Artists, art professionals, collectors and other art enthusiasts joined gallery owner Shaun Caley Regen for Saturday’s opening of Doug Aitken’s exhibition, “Still Life,” at...

Athena Film Festival Feb05

Athena Film Festival

Noted Filmmakers Join Together to Celebrate Women and Leadership at Athena Film Festival Kick-off Party   Quite a few Angelenos will be venturing to New York this week for  the Athena Film Festival, which begins Feb. 9 and continues through Feb. 12. Founded by Melissa Silverstein and Kathryn...